Stephen P. New Zealand

Stephen P.

My wife and I were on holiday in Biarritz a few years ago and happened to travel through Bayonne. In the back streets was an instrument maker/restorers shop. It was Sunday and the shop was shut but I saw the most beautiful PRS guitar. I looked at it and wanted to own it but since I couldn’t play and we were leaving that night I had to be content with a photograph.

That was July 2010. Jump forward to March 2015. I had just started learning to play the guitar - something which I thought I would never be able to do - and in my normal obsessive way was trawling through Trademe (like eBay) lusting at all the beautiful guitars when suddenly I saw my dream guitar. The PRS was that same honeyed colour, had the beautiful inlaid swallows and was for sale in the town where I live. It appears to be the only one that colour in the country and was a price you might expect for such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and since I has only been learning for a few months I agonised over whether I should bid on it. Eventually my wife said you regretted not being able to buy the guitar in Bayonne why don’t you go for it, after all you only live once. So at the age of 57, a novice guitarist, I purchased a thing of beauty and fairly soon now I will be able to play it with the respect it deserves.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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