Steve B. Texas, USA

Steve B.

When I moved to San Antonio, TX in January 2014, I had needed some cash to cover the moving expenses. Not knowing exactly what I would do for work while knowing I needed to get my own place put me in a rough spot. Much of my gear that I had spent years collecting and building was back down to the bare minimum. So there I was in San Antonio with my little 15-watt practice amp, the pedal board necessities, and a broken, beat up, chipped and dinged PRS SE 245 - a true workhorse.

Fast forward to Summer 2015… I got the job I was looking for. I also got the schedule I was looking for. I had the time to go out and play music again! But a few things were missing - including a real American made guitar. While my SE was still functioning, it wasn’t a difficult choice whether to invest in a face-lift for the SE or invest in the purchase of a primary PRS. When I knew that the purchase was going to be made, I had checked my local Guitar Center inventory online to see what was in stock - and there she was.

Months prior, I took a trip to this Guitar Center and played an SC58 that was on the shelf. Finished in a glorious McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Artist grade top and a Rosewood headstock. The neck was fat but it played fast. The warmth of the tone was unmatched and the appearance made even non-guitar enthusiasts do a triple take.I never forgot this guitar, and somehow, she was still in stock. I bee lined to the store to verify my investment. I made the purchase. I walked out with the perfect instrument.

This guitar is not only a symbol of Maryland-made craftsmanship, but a symbol that reminds me that I earned it. I cannot wait to go out and gig now! Thank you Paul, and everyone at PRS.

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