Steve D. Maryland, USA

Steve D

I started playing guitar in my early teens (I’m now 29). When my playing surpassed my junior practice guitars I set my goals to one day afford the same high end gear that all of my inspirations had been sporting throughout the decades. As my career progressed and my income increased in wasn’t long before Epiphone turned into Gibson USA and Gibson USA turned into Custom Shop. To my surprise each of my online purchases with Gibson was met with disappointment when the guitar arrived at my door. Aside from these guitars always requiring a full setup, I consistently discovered signs of shoddy craftsmanship. “Orange peeling” on the finish, paint bleeding and scratches on the binding, and large amounts of glue build up around the neck joint just to name a few. After sharing this with one of my supervisors at work he recommended trying PRS.

PRS has always been a make that I didn’t give a second thought to since all of my teenage inspirations were either Gibson or Fender players. This past tax season I struck it lucky with a decent return and I took my boss’s advice. I ordered a Custom 24 10 top. When it arrived I was finally blessed with an excellent guitar buying experience. The action was perfect and the craftsmanship flaws I had experienced with my prior brand of choice were non-existent. The tone is just amazing the the coil tapping is far more usable with your 5 way toggle switch design. I’m also blown away even further being that this isn’t even one of your private stock guitars.

Thank you guys for taking the extra time on making sure that even your mainline production guitars are built and shipped out beautifully crafted and ready to play. I’m now a PRS customer for life.

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