Thomas G. Maryland, USA

Thomas G.

When I was looking into getting my first guitar, my dad tried to convince me to get a PRS. His go-to is a Ted McCarty that is simply gorgeous. I tried some of the SE’s but honestly could not see what he was raving about. I ended up getting something else but continued trying the SE’s.

I was in NY two years ago for business. Feeling the itch to touch steel, I searched for the nearest guitar shop. It happened to be Umanov’s in the West Village. The staff there were terrific, some of the best folks in the business I had met so far. The S2 had just came out. They had a couple in what was then the largest gathering of PRS guitars I had seen. I tried an SE but didn’t change my opinion. Then I tried one or two full production models. I finally got it, this is why my dad loved his McCarty. I lamented at how far out of my price range they were. I then tried the S2. This was clearly my guitar. It played like a full production model but with a little scrimping and saving, I could manage to afford one.

I didn’t buy that guitar that day, as tempted as I was. I wanted to give my business to a local retailer so headed back home to Maryland, near DC. I came into a bonus at work a few weeks later. I knew exactly what I was going to do with that cash. A quick search revealed a home town treasure I never had cause to actually visit, Washington Music Center. Fate was at play. The salesperson who met me in their guitar department was none other than a twenty year vet of PRS who regaled me with tons of stories that merely inflated my new found admiration for the brand. They had two S2’s and I immediately fell in love with the black cherry finish. They unboxed it for me, mine were the only hands that had touched it other than the fine folks at the factory who built it and set it up.

My story doesn’t end there. As I continued learning guitar, I started focusing on the blues. I was kind of curious to maybe get a hollow body or a semi-hollow. Not even six months later, the S2 semi-hollow came out. I think you know where this is going. In a bit of Maryland state pride, I bought the semi-hollow S2 in blue crab smoke burst. I love both my PRS guitars, whether I am rocking our or singing the blues. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another one waiting for me in my future.

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