Tim Sarquis Oakhurst, CA

Tim Sarquis PRS

I received my PRS as a gift for my high school graduation, 10 years ago. I was always infatuated with PRS guitars since I started playing when I was 14. I will always remember when my parents drove me 2 hours to closest Guitar Center so that I could play my first PRS guitar. It was the Mark Tremonti model, who was and still is my inspiration. Fast forward 4 years to my graduation party. It was my band’s first “gig”. But before we went on, everyone had a surprise for me. A guitar case was on the table. I opened it up and there it was. A 20th Anniversary Edition Custom 22 ten top. I had found out that all of my friends and family had pitched in so that my parents could get it for me. It’s one, if not, my most cherished thing that I own. Now that I have two sons who are interested in music, I can’t wait for the moment I get to pass on this guitar to them and keep this guitar in the family for generations to come!

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