Vaughn K.

Vaughn K

My father used to take me to music stores when I was a teenager. On one of our usual trips one day, we came across this display in the middle of the store with several beautiful guitars of a brand we hadn’t heard of…PRS. We were amazed at the beauty of these translucent colored maple tops with incredible flame and figuring. Colors we’d never seen on a guitar before - whale blue really caught my attention. Then, we noticed these strange, but awesome looking bird inlays on the fretboard. We never saw such distinct and interesting inlays. I was afraid to pick one up, much less play one that day. They were way out of my price range and being a young, intermediate guitar player, I wasn’t ready for a guitar of this caliber yet. We got a catalogue and talked about those PRS guitars the rest of the day. The beauty and craftsmanship really made an impression on both of us. That day, I told my dad, somehow I was going to get a PRS someday.

Several months later, I played one and fell in love. It had a big, thick, rich tone and a singing quality about it. The playability far surpassed anything else I’d ever played. After a few years of obsessing, I had to find a way. I stumbled across an old Star Wars action figure in a pawn shop one day and it was expensive! Wait a minute, I had tons of these things! My dad made me take really good care of these toys. I talked to my dad, and with his permission, we found a buyer for all of it. It was enough to fund my PRS purchase! I went and tried out several PRS and decided to special order one with exactly what I wanted. Custom 22- 10 top, whale blue, wide-thin neck and stoptail. The wait…8 months, if memory serves me. I didn’t know at the time, but PRS was moving to the Stevensville factory. Anticipation was killing me. Then, I got the call. I raced to the store, opened the case and just about fell over. Plugged in a few minutes to make sure it everything worked and that guitar screamed. I drove home….fast, so I could show my dad. I was excited beyond belief. I got home, kneeling on the living room floor, both my parents waiting, and I opened up the case. Lots of ooohs, aaahs and wows came out. It was just like the first time my dad and I saw a PRS guitar. Amazement. My mom loved the blue color. That day will be ingrained in my mind forever. I still have that guitar and it has served me well, providing years of inspiration to play, write and express myself musically. It’s also made me buy a bunch more over the years.

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