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  • How were you able to come to market in this new price point without sacrificing quality?

How were you able to come to market in this new price point without sacrificing quality?

When designing, sourcing, and building the S2 Series, we were encouraged and excited to build quality instruments that were both inspired by our Core line but also truly new for PRS. The ability to bring these new guitars to market while maintaining our strict quality standards and meeting a new price point was achieved through both the design of the instruments and the design of manufacturing process.

Here are a few design details and new manufacturing processes:

Body Carve: S2 Series instruments have a beveled carve as opposed to a violin-style carved top. This allows us to start with a smaller (thinner) piece of wood and streamlines our sanding procedures. 

Scale Length and Neck Shape: The S2 Series was introduced with a single scale length and neck option – 25” Pattern Regular. This helped simplify the manufacturing process, in part, by reducing required inventory levels on the shop floor.

Neck construction: On the PRS S2 series, the neck begins with a quartersawn mahogany neck blank. That blank is cut, the headstock is scarfed, and the heel is built up using a plain splice. (A scarf joint is made up of two pieces of wood that are cut at complementary angles and glued together. A plain splice is a joining of two pieces of wood in the same line). This construction method allows us to start with a smaller amount of raw materials, and the increased glue surface area results in a very strong joint. In addition to this technique, we also fret and radius the fretboard before joining it to the neck, which results in a very efficient, cohesive manufacturing process that creates a durable, comfortable, playable neck.

Finish: For our high-gloss guitars, we have updated our Core finish process to now include the S2 Series. By streamlining our processes into a single set of operations, we are able to gain efficiencies that we can pass on to our customers. The S2 satin finish process eliminates many of the steps required to achieve a high-gloss finish, which is an efficiency we are again able to pass on to our customers. Pickguard Assemblies: Many S2 Series models feature pickguards (or scratch plates). This helps streamline our Final Assembly processes.