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What hardware and electronics are used on the S2 Series?


PRS Patented Tremolo, Molded: In 1984, Paul Reed Smith received a patent for our proprietary tremolo bridge. By molding (as opposed to machining) the bridge, we are able to keep all the functionality of the tremolo at a more affordable price. PRS Adjustable Stoptail: The PRS Adjustable Stoptail bridge incorporates individually adjustable saddles, allowing for ease of intonation when using non-standard or heavier gauged strings.

PRS Plate Style: This bridge harkens back to Paul's early designs and traditional bass plate-style bridges, but is top-loading for easy restringing. Like the bridge found on Paul's Guitar and some Private Stock models, PRS's new plate-style bridge features brass saddles and an aluminum plate for maximum tonal sustain.

Bigsby B50: Bigsby tremolos deliver iconic vibrato sounds while adding a truly unique aesthetic to the instrument. 


PRS Low Mass Locking Tuners are a proprietary tuner that is highly reminiscent of our Phase II locking tuner. They are closed back and follow many of Paul Smith's “tweaks” including unplated brass shafts and specially–configured internal construction. The locking mechanism itself is identical to the one used on our Core guitars, which helps the guitar stay in tune.


The S2 Series features “S” Series Pickups. “S” Series pickups were meticulously designed at PRS to match the tone of the pickups wound here at our Stevensville, Maryland factory.