Limited Offer

PRS is proud to announce a partnership with Mel Bay that will offer PRS customers exclusive packages and discounts.

Fine tune your skills using products created by one of the world’s leading guitar method instructional publishers.

Here's How It Works:

Please Note: PRS customers who wish to redeem their Mel Bay gift package must first register their warranty card with PRS Guitars.

US Customers

US Customers receive a free Mel Bay/PRS gift package by digital download.

International Customers

International customers will receive a free Mel Bay/PRS gift package media download online.

Signature Club Members

PRS Signature Club members instantly save 25% on all online purchases. Click here to join the PRS Signature Club

HURRY! Program ends on 2/28/15!

If you've purchased a PRS Guitars and would like to receive your free Mel Bay gift package, or to learn more about Mel Bay's offerings, click the link below.

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