Private Stock’s 20th Anniversary - A 2016 Retrospective

Private Stock Guitar Of The Month


For 20 years now, Private Stock has represented the highest quality PRS has to offer. The members of the Private Stock team are exceptionally trained to build our most personally crafted custom instruments by combining passion, attention to detail, and the highest quality of materials. 

This 20th anniversary year was celebrated in a momentous way as our Private Stock department brought back a classic program we affectionately call "Guitar of The Month." Over the past 12 months, Private Stock released 12 incredibly unique and exquisite limited edition models in varying quantities. Below, let's take a look back at this year's models! To read more about each model, click the month / model name!

JANUARY // Hollowbody Bass 4

Hollowbody / Splittable Bass Pickup / Maple Top & Swamp Ash Back

*6-piece limited run!

FEBRUARY // McCarty 594

24.594" Scale Length / Versatile Control Layout with Coil Splits / 58/15 LT Pickups

*26-piece limited run!

MARCH // Maple Top Singlecut Archtop

Integral-Brace Construction /  58/15 LT Pickups / Mother of Pearl, Green Ripple, & Paua Heart Vine Inlay

*6-piece limited run!

APRIL // DGT Birds of a Feather Semi-Hollow

Ziricote Top with Satin Finish / Birds of a Feather Inlay / DGT Pickups

*20-piece limited run!

MAY // 509

Versatile Electronics Configuration / Gen III Tremolo / Maple Neck

*10-piece limited run!

JUNE // Paul's Guitar

Brushstroke Bird Inlays / Mini-Toggle Coil Tap Switches / 408N Pickups

*10-piece limited run!

JULY // Grainger 5 Fretless Bass

Grainger Electronics / Tree of Life Inlay  / Maple Top & Swamp Ash Back

*6-piece limited run!

AUGUST // Custom 24 8-String

Holcomb Alpha & Omega Pickups / 26.5" Scale Length / Maple Neck

*8-piece limited run!

SEPTEMBER  // 24 Fret McCarty Singlecut Trem

Gold Leaf Finish / Gold Mother of Pearl Inlay / Maple Top & Swamp Ash Back

*20-piece limited run!

OCTOBER  // Lotus Knot Custom 24

Lotus Knot Inlay / 58/15 Pickups / Gen III Tremolo

*20-piece limited run!

NOVEMBER // Singlecut McCarty 594

Mosaic Bird Inlay / 58/15LT Pickups / Maple Neck & Fretboard

*20-piece limited run!

DECEMBER // Ziricote Hollowbody II Piezo

Ziricote Top & Back / Winter Egrets Inlays / P-90 Pickups with Birds-Eye Maple Covers

*12-piece limited run!


Outside of the "Guitar Of The Month" program, the Private Stock team released one other anniversary model early on in the calendar year.

20th Anniversary Private Stock Ltd Edition

Paul Reed Smith Hand Selected Tops / (3) 408 Pickups / Gen III Trem

*40-piece limited run!


To learn more about PRS Private Stock and our dealers, click here.

Click here to grab the 20th Anniversary Private Stock Poster! 

Comments (3)

Josh January 07, 2017 - 2:21pm
I'm currently almost done saving up to purchase a ce 24 and I was wondering if it was at all possible to get another neck for the guitar I couldn't seem to find a way to do that so I just wanted to ask
Rolo December 22, 2016 - 9:46pm
Even though I can't afford any of these guitar it brings me joy to see how PRS has turned guitar building into an art form...I wouldn't play any of these because I'd be too mesmerized just looking at them...:)
Daniel December 21, 2016 - 9:43pm
My favorite is the 8 string one! Would love it if you guys considered releasing a core model of that one.

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