Alex Lifeson Headstock

Born in our Maryland shop, Private Stock acoustics are handcrafted with passion and attention to detail. We have carefully studied some of history’s greatest guitars and combined what we learned with original thinking and creativity. Built to last, these distinctive, heirloom-quality instruments have exquisite playability and big, articulate voices that stand out in the crowd.


Wood is the soul of a great acoustic instrument. Not only will the woods you choose determine the look of your acoustic guitar, they will create the foundation of the instrument’s tone.

Much like a fingerprint, each piece of wood is slightly different in figure, weight, and hue. The woods below are a good representation of the assortment that the Private Stock Vault has to offer. Take a moment to look around and see what wood combinations speak to you.


PRS Private Stock Acoustics feature a 100% lacquer, nitro-cellulose finish. In its essence, nitro is considered an “organic” material. The composition of this finish allows it to bond to the surface and become a part of the material as opposed to being “on top” of it. As the guitar and finish age the tone will continue to blossom so the full potential of the instrument can be realized.

With a PRS Private Stock acoustic, it’s your choice. Keep it traditional with a natural finish, or give your acoustic a more distinctive look by choosing a bursted top or stained maple back and sides.