Mission Statement

Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery. We are devoted to the guitar's rich heritage while committed to new technologies that will enrich our products with uncompromised tone, playability and beauty. Our success depends on our ability to listen, implement positive change and continually refine our craft.

Believing this, we strive to build the best guitars and guitar products possible and to serve our employees, customers, suppliers and community with distinction.

Factory Tours

When touring the PRS factory, you can expect to get a firsthand look at our processes, instruments, and amplifiers from raw wood or blank chassis form to finished guitar or amplifier. What we hope you leave with is a unique view into not just our work but the people building PRS. The craftspeople here are a unique bunch. We have a passion for building instruments and also for the music that these instruments help create. Most here are dedicated players, refining our craft as builders and musicians. There is a special kind of pride and individual ownership surrounding our instruments. From our experience, there is no better way to see this unique aspect of PRS than to walk through the shop.

Guided factory tours are offered most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 AM and 1:00PM EST. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Important Note About Tours - Winter 2016 Click to view

February 22, 2016: After more than 24 hours of snowfall compounded by high winds and snow drifts, the PRS Guitars factory in Stevensville, Maryland sustained some roof damage in January due to winter storm Jonas. We are very thankful that no one was hurt and no significant instrument damage was sustained. While PRS is able to reopen production, we will be suspending tours while construction is ongoing.

Please note that all tours are hereby cancelled until after the Experience PRS event in June. Tours will resume on June 7th, 2016. If you have a tour scheduled between January 25 and June 7, a PRS representative will be contacting you to reschedule. If you would like to schedule a tour beginning on June 7, 2016, please follow the standard instructions on this page.

Thank you for your support!
- PRS Guitars



Located in Stevensville, Maryland, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is one of the world’s premier guitar and amplifier manufacturers. Since our humble beginning in 1985, PRS Guitars has always strived to create the highest quality instruments possible. Guitar and amplifier building are very personal things here, as most of us are dedicated players, refining our craft as builders, musicians, and artists of all kinds. Our deep commitment to the craft and our culture of quality are what drives PRS in the workplace and the marketplace.

We are a unique bunch with passion, deeply-rooted culture, and an ever-maturing understanding of the instrument, so if you are looking for an exciting career opportunity within a fast-paced and dynamic organization, PRS could be a great fit for you! Being located on Kent Island gives us the best of both worlds within Maryland. And, we are less than a mile from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which makes commuting a snap regardless of which side of the bridge you call home. Please see the above listings for opportunities.

The PRS Story

In this two part series, Paul Reed Smith and Tom Wheeler write about the past, present and future of PRS Guitars.

Shop In Detail

In 2010, we created a virtual tour of the PRS Factory with a series of articles and videos which we called “Shop In Detail”. We’ve archived this snapshot of the PRS Factory in 2010 here for future viewing. Enjoy!